Solar Incentives

There are many solar incentives around the world which have been put in place to try and increase the amount of power produced by solar. The grants and feed-in tariffs are changing on a regular basis. We have provided where possible links for each country which has grants and feed-in tariffs in place as incentives to install solar.

We will maintain the information on a regular basis, but we can not guarantee its accuracy.

Feed-In Tariff - quick overview

Most feed-in tariffs with up to date information is available on the PV Tech website - tariff watch page.

We have also included below specific information relating to each country and where you can apply for the tariffs.

Quick links

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States

Australia Feed-In Tariff

Australia pays different rates of Feed in Tariffs for different territories and even different electricity providers. Details of all the tariffs can be found on the Australia feed-in tariff page.


Belgium has a tax relief from the Belgium government and also the Flemish government has introduced Green certificates. Full details can be found here.

Canada Feed-In Tariff

The Canada feed-in tariff program is split into regions so far the only region to offer a feed-in tariff is Ontario.

Ontario offer 2 different programs, MicroFIT for projects less than 10 kW and FIT for projects over 10 kW. Further details can be found on the Canada Feed-In Tariff page.

Canada used to have in place a ecoENERGY Retrofit homes grant, this grant finished 31st March 2010.

Each province or territory has their own grants and incentives a full list can be found on the Office of Energy Efficiency website.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic run two incentives a Feed-in Tariff or a Green Bonus, which is an amount paid on top of the market price.

The Energy Regulatory Office determines the FiT and the green bonus each year in advance. The price must not be lower than 95% of the year before.


In 2009 France revised it's Feed-In tariff. The new rates are available on the PV-Tech Website. France has separate rates for roof, ground mounted and building integrated systems, guaranteed for 20 years.


Germany was one of the first countries to introduce a feed-in tariff and after its success other countries have adopted their model.

due to the success of the tariff Germany have had to reduce the rate on several occasions, in January 2011 it has been announced that further cuts could be brought forward

The new tariff rates are as follows, these figures are likely to be reduced each year:

Up to 30 kW Building33.0328.74
Up to 100 kW Building31.4227.33
Up to 1 MW Building29.7325.86
Over 1 MW Building24.7921.56
Conversion/Sealed Areas25.3722.07
Other Qualified Areas24.2621.11

United Kingdom

The UK had a Solar grant in place until April 2010, this has now been replaced with the feed-in tariff.

The UK Feed-In Tariff started 1st April 2010 to try and increase the amount of renewable energy on the national grid.

The EU has set a target that 20% of all energy will be renewable by 2020 and the UK is committed to delivering its share of the target.

United States

There are lots of different US solar incentives and feed-in tariffs available. There are incentives for Federal, State, local authority and utility companies.

Each State has a Public Utilities Commissions and they set the standard for interconnection to the distribution grid.

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