Australia Feed-in Tariff

The Australia Feed-in tariff program is under review on a regular basis. Incentives vary from territory to territory and can even vary from different electricity providers.

Australia has implemented a solar credits scheme for both grid and off grid systems. The scheme has different rates for each zone and will depend on the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that accompany your equipment. Full details of the Solar Credit Scheme including a map with the different zones.

To qualify for the solar credits your equipment must be installed by an BCSE accredited installer, a complete list can be found on the Clean Energy Council website. They also provide a useful consumer guide to solar PV.

For Australia there is a free Solar Analyser for the iPhone available.

Use the links below to find up to date information for each territory.

Capital Territory (ACT)

New prices came into effect in April 2010. From July 1st 2010 all systems up to 30kW will be paid 45.7c/kWh for a period of 20 years. The price will remain in place for two years.

The ACT government in September 2010 released details of a proposal to expand its tariff and may incorporate larger systems up to 200kW capacity.

New South Wales

New South Wales have set up a Solar Bonus Scheme which pays 20c/kWh. This scheme is to be capped at 300 megawatts (MW) of connected capacity, at 31st December 163MW was connected and the 300MW is rapidly being approached. With the fast rate of new connections it is worth checking if your system can be included in the scheme.

To qualify for the scheme the solar system must be installed by a qualified person with a Grid-connect Design and Install accreditation from the Clean Energy Council.

Further details and updates can be found NSW Industry and Investment website.

Northern Territory

Power and Water Corporation is the sole provider of electricity in the Northern Territory their buyback rate 19.23 cents per kWh.

Alice Springs had a rate of 51.28 c/kWh capped at $5/day, the rate is only for existing customers under the initiative as the funnding is all allocated.


In Queensland the Government has set up a Solar Bonus scheme. The rate is 44c per kWh to a maximum of 10kW. If you have a 3 phase power it is possible to have 3 x 10kWh systems and paid for surplus fed into the grid for each phase.

The Solar Bonus scheme is set up for residential, business and community buildings.

Southern Territory

The Southern Territory has a solar feed in scheme has been set to 54c per kWh for the first 45 Kw exported to the grid each day. There is a limit to the scheme of only one generator per customer or entity and they can not be installed primary for profit.

The scheme will be closed when connections reach 60MW.


In Tasmania the Government is currently reviewing the Feed In Tariff program. It is possible to receive a standard rate of $0.20 per kilowatt hour from Aurora Energy.


Victoria has two programs, a premium feed-in tariff for solar and standard feed-in tariff for other small-scale renewable energy systems. These tariffs are offered by electricity providers with more than 5000 customers.

The premium feed-in tariff is for solar PV up to 5 Kw in size. The minumum rate is 60c per Kilo Watt fed back into the grid, this gigure varies from provider to provider. Review the full list of tariffs by electricity provide

The standard program is for up to 100 Kilo Watts systems. The rate is the standard electricity rate for any excess fed back into the utility grid.

Full details can be found on the Department of Primary Industries website.

Western Territory

The Western Territory Feed-In Tariff has two programs one funded by the governent and also the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme.

The government's rate is 40c per kilowatt hour for energy exported to the grid. The Renewable Energy Buyback scheme rate is the standard rate of electricity.

The scheme is to be reviewed every 3 years or for each 10MW added to the grid.

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