Canada Feed-In Tariff

The Canada feed in tariff program is split into regions so far the only region to offer a feed-in tariff is Ontario.


Ontario has two feed in tariff rates microFit for projects less than 10 kW and FIT for over 10 KW.


Under microFIT before you start the connection process, you should contact your local distribution company and the Electrical Safety Authority to find out more about connecting your project.

They will inform you of metering requirements, metering configurations, safety requirements, typical costs, time requirements and account charges that may be applied. you need to connect to the local distribution company before an microFIT conditional offer of contract can be made. Your can do a search to find your local distribution company.

The rate paid on the microFIT is rooftop PV - 80.2c per kWh and ground mounted - 64.2c per kWh, payable for 20 years.

Full details of the Microfit program can be found on the Ontario Power Authority website.

Ontario FIT

Full deatils of the Ontario FIT program can be found on the Ontario Power Authority website.

Solar typeContract priceLenght of Contract
Rooftop ≤ 10 kW 80.2 /kWh20 years
Rooftop > 10 kW ≤ 250 kW 71.3 /kWh20 years
Rooftop > 250 kW ≤ 500 kW 63.5 /kWh20 years
Rooftop > 500 kW 53.9 /kWh20 years
Ground-mounted ≤ 10 kW 64.2 /kWh20 years
Ground-mounted >10 kW ≤ 10 MW 44.3 /kWh20 years

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