Off Grid Solar Calculator

This off-grid solar calculator generates a Solar Electricity Analysis that will allow you to judge whether solar electricity is suitable for your project.  The analysis takes into account your electrical requirements, your geographical location and the months of the year you require your system to work.

The ten-page analysis provides approximate costs, estimates the amount of time it will take to install your system and makes recommendations on the type of batteries and various other aspects of your project.

If you have not used this off-grid solar calculator before, you may find it useful to watch our brief introductionary video which will explain how you use the calculator.

Off-Grid Solar Calculator Questionnaire

Project Title (i.e. what are you calling this project):

Energy Table

In this section, please list each appliance you plan to power in the device description.  Then select whether you are using low voltage or mains voltage with this appliance.  Enter the power requirements for each device in watts (this will often be shown on the back of a unit or on a power supply) and the number of hours per day that you wish to use it:

Device Description
Hours usage
per day

Cable Lengths

Enter the estimated length of your cable run between the solar panels and the batteries in meters:          meters  

Enter the estimated length of your longest cable between your batteries and your low voltage devices:     meters

Enter the estimated length of your longest cable between your inverter and your mains voltage devices:   meters


Select Country:


Select which months you require your solar electric system to work in:

Solar Panel Mounting

To get the best out of solar power, the solar panels must face due South and not be shaded at any time. There is also a significant variance in power generation depending on the angle that the panels are mounted at - the closer the panels face the sun, the more power they will generate.

Please select the desired panel angle from the options below:

Battery Holdover

'Battery holdover' allows you to set the number of days of reserve power that you wish to maintain in the system. This will allow you to have a reserve so that if solar energy is lower than average over a few days you do not run out of electricity.  For most applications it is recommended that a three day holdover is used.

How many days of reserve power do you want the system to maintain?       days

Your Details

Please enter your name and e-mail address carefully.  Your Solar Electricity Analysis will be sent to the e-mail address entered below:

Your name:                   

Your e-mail address:      
Remember, you must give a valid e-mail address as this is where your FREE Solar Electricity Analysis will be sent to:


PRIVACY STATEMENT: Your e-mail address is not stored on our system - after sending you your report, your name and e-mail address are removed from our system. You will not receive any unsolicited communications as a result of using this form.

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