Solar Calculator

Our online solar calculator suite of applications are the best and most comprehensive of any calculator available on the web today. These solar calculators now include solar insolation data for every major town and city in every country in the world. No matter where you live, these calculators provide you with all the information you need in order to get the best from your solar energy system.


Designed to be used in conjunction with The Solar Electricity Handbook, the calculator suite is designed to save you time in the design process, ensuring your system is as efficient as possible.

If you are entirely new to photovoltaic electricity and you don't have a copy of The Solar Electricity Handbook, you can buy one today either as a paperback book or as an eBook. It is available all around the world: find a bookshop near you.

Alternatively, you may find it useful to read the first few chapters of the Solar Electricity Handbook free from our Free Solar Downloads section before using these tools.

Select the calculator you wish to use from the selection below:

Off-Grid Project Analysis

This Off Grid project analysis produces a comprehensive 10-page project analysis document.

The analysis includes a detailed energy calculator, information about positioning your system, choosing the correct specification of panels and batteries and providing budgetary costs for your entire project.

Off-Grid Solar Project Analysis

Click here to run the Project Analysis calculator


Grid Tie Project Analysis

This grid-tie solar calculator takes in to account your electrical requirements, your geographical location and the likely position of your solar panels.

It produces a report which will allow you work out how many solar panels you will need to create a theoretical 'carbon neutral' building.

Grid Tie Solar Project Analysis

Click here to run the Project Analysis calculator


Solar Irradiance Tables

We have compiled irradiance data for all major towns and cities in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland and much of mainland Europe.

Compiled from data collated over a 22 year period, these irradiance tables will allow you to identify how much energy is available.

Solar Irradiance Tables

Click here to run the Irradiance calculator

Solar Angle Calculator

To get the best out of your photovoltaic panels, you need to angle them towards the sun. This optimum angle varies throughout the year depending on the seasons and your latitude.

Based on your location, this Angle Calculator will allow you to identify the optimum angle for your photovoltaic panels.

Solar Angle Calculator

Click here to run the Solar Angle Calculator

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