Links to Other Solar Electricity web sites

There are literally hundreds - if not thousands - of web sites around promoting solar power. Like everything on the web, some are very good, some are very bad and some are worth avoiding at all costs!

This is not an exhaustive list of solar web sites - we'll be adding to the list over time as we find worthwhile sites to add.

If you have a solar web site and would like to add your site to our list, you can get in touch with us using my Ask me a Question form.

Solar Links:

Solar Panels, Water saving from Wavemaker - Suppliers of high quality Solar Panels and other energy efficiency equipment.

Seacoast Lighting - Top Quality of Outdoor Solar Lighting, Deck Post lights and all Landscape and Garden Lights.

Coal Geology covers the latest development in clean coal technology, international coal trades, climate change, alternate energy news.

Renewable Energy News India is a trusted source of quality content for India business news and upcoming opportunities for Renewable Energy Industry.

Renewable Energy Sources - Latest trends in research and development of renewable energy sources.

Eco Directory

EcoStreet Directory an independent green blog and web-directory.

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The Solar Electricity handbook - read it online

Since its original launch in June 2009, The Solar Electricity Handbook has established itself as one of the best selling books on photovoltaics and solar energy in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

You can buy The Solar Electricity Handbook online from Amazon or Waterstones. Alternatively, you can order it from your local book shop. The Solar Electricity Handbook costs 14.99 in the United Kingdom, $17.99 in the United States, $24.99 in Australia and $19.99 in Canada.

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